Tough, surface hardened steel padlock

Grade 4

Extra-strong padlocks for applications where high security is required. Ideal for construction equipment, tractor trailers and remote storage areas, trucks, storage bins, roller shutter doors, motorcycles and warehouses. The case hardened steel body is highly resistant to all types of physical attack.

PL340 padlocks are equipped with a 10 mm diameter, hardened boron steel shackle.

ABLOY Grade 4 padlocks meet the requirements of the following standards: EN12320 Grade 3, SSFN014 Grade 2

In an ABLOY PROTEC2 locking system, different products can be keyed into the same master key system and thus all products can be operated with just a single key. This simplifies your locking system and key management. The range is wide, there are 1,97 billion different key combinations providing the possibility to create extensive master key systems that fulfil your exact specifications.

Durable and long lasting

ABLOY PROTEC2 is durable and long lasting thanks to its superior design and precision manufacturing. The unique and patented rotating disc technology provides smooth and reliable functionality also in extreme environments. New patented features in keys and cylinders have worldwide patents which are valid until 2031.