The unique ABLOY cylinder mechanism

The unique ABLOY cylinder mechanism, based on the use of rotating discs instead of the traditional springs and pins, is known widely by security professionals all over the world.

The ABLOY rotating disc cylinder construction offers numerous unsurpassed features such as

  • Smooth and reliable function also in extreme environment
  • Durable and long lasting, maintenance free
  • Superior master keying features – tailored access rights
  • ABLOY NOVEL cylinders are bump proof and virtually pick proof

Tough, surface hardened steel padlock

Grade 4

Extra-strong padlocks for applications where high security is required. Ideal for construction equipment, tractor trailers and remote storage areas, trucks, storage bins, roller shutter doors, motorcycles and warehouses. The case hardened steel body is highly resistant to all types of physical attack.

PL340 padlocks are equipped with a 10 mm diameter, hardened boron steel shackle.

ABLOY Grade 4 padlocks meet the requirements of the following standards: EN12320 Grade 3, SSFN014 Grade 2